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Rapid Response Services

Rapid Response Services

Rapid Response is an early intervention service that assists workers and employers affected by layoffs, plant closures, or natural disasters. It provides access to the Commonwealth’s PA CareerLink system of user-friendly resources and information to help transition workers into reemployment.

The Rapid Response program was developed to help dislocated workers who are part of a large layoff. Its primary objective is to provide workers with the resources and services they need to allow them to find new jobs or get the training and education needed for new careers so that they can get back to work quickly.

Employer Benefits

When a company has to layoff workers, both employer and employees face a traumatic upheaval. The economic consequences may be widespread.

The more quickly Rapid Response activities are begun, the more time is available for workers to overcome their fears and begin their reentry into the workforce. Early intervention allows employers and employees to communicate their concerns to the Rapid Response specialist and to employment and training experts who will customize services for the specific population being laid off.

Rapid Response services help mitigate the negative consequences of layoffs by helping the company:

  • Better manage human resource needs, Unemployment Insurance costs, and Worker Compensation costs during the transition;
  • Assist affected workers to return to work and maintain their standard of living;
  • Maintain good corporate citizenship in the community
  • Improve worker morale; and
  • Maintain or increase productivity during the transition period and beyond.

For additional information, please visit the PA Department of Labor Rapid Response Website or call Toll Free 866-858-2753.

Worker Benefits

Some people view being laid off as a crisis while others may view the situation as an opportunity to find a better or more enjoyable job. The Rapid Response program helps laid off workers turn the challenge of a layoff into an opportunity by providing information about, and access to, the services that will help put workers back to work. Most of the services are available through the neighborhood PA CareerLink centers.

The services include:

  • Career counseling;
  • Job search assistance;
  • Information about education and training opportunities;
  • Use of computers, telephones, and fax machines for a job search;
  • Financial support for training;
  • Income support if a job was lost to foreign trade; and
  • Special services for adults with disabilities and veterans.

For additional information, please visit the PA Department of Labor Rapid Response Website or call Toll Free 866-858-2753.